Let’s keep this brief. We’ve got the largest HD screen to watch sport on in London. Actually not just London, the entire UK. It’s a whopping 24ft wide. If that isn’t enough we’ll also throw in two 8ft x 6ft HD screens and six 50 inch plasma tv’s too. Trust us, there isn’t anywhere in the venue where you can’t see a screen and be part of the action. We’re not showing off, It’s important that you know this, as it’s basically the most important factor to consider when working out where to watch the biggest sporting events in the world with all your friends. So whether it’s the Rugby, Euro 2016, Wimbledon or the Olympics – this summer there can only be one place to watch them all. With us at The Grand. Oh, we’ve also got pop corn & hot dog machines and the largest pie warmer in Europe and we sell all of the drinks. Just incase you needed further convincing. Let a summer of celebrating incredible sporting moments begin.

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